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Welcome to Strictly Hip Hop Promo. We are a team of Hip Hop Music Promoters here to help you succeed in the music industry.

Hip Hop Music Promoters 


The industry is bombarded with millions of artists just like you that want to move up the ladder.

The problem is, that ladder does not exist unless you separate yourself from everyone else. Your music is NOT the only factor in this industry. To separate yourself you need to build a fan base, earn revenue, gain shows, properly market yourself, blog placements, and a successful brand.

That is what we do, we help artists find and move up that ladder in the music industry and grow their fan base.

Hip Hop Music Promotion

There is no such thing as “Music Promotion”

Music Promotion is genre specific, not all music fans like the same genres. We offer real Hip Hop Promotion because we have the connections and techniques to target Hip Hop Fans.

SoundCloud Promotion

SoundCloud has grown to be the most popular platform for artists to showcase their music and Producers to sell their Beat Instrumentals. We know fake promotion is a problem and it is easy to tell whether real promotion occurs.

Our audience consists of other artists, producers, music fans, and indie record labels. We do this through Email Marketing, Blog Posts, and Social Media Posts Or Reposts.

Spotify Promotion

Spotify is the go-to platform for most music lovers. The platform has been on the rise, and we believe every artist should distribute their music on Spotify. Earn revenue from the plays, gain new fans, song saves, and more. The playlist is Hip Hop only.

We add your track to a Hip Hop Spotify playlist for the number of days purchased.  If you need help getting your music in Spotify, feel free to contact.

Reverbnation Promo

Reverbnation has over 2.5 Million users with features to share your music and grow a giant fan base. The platform has expanded greatly in the last year with new features that include email marketing for artists and placement opportunities.

We have packages that include adding your track to our rapidly growing Reverbnation Management Page to help you gain more exposure and dominate the ranking boards.

Datpiff Promotion

Datpiff is growing to be a monster in the world of free Mixtapes. The popularity of its ranking system provides artists who upload their mixtape a real taste of how the mixtape is performing. The authority of free Mixtapes has been on the rise.

Our Datpiff Promotion provides engagements from other Datpiff users that use the platform. We do not require you to have your mixtape sponsored for our promotion

Music Marketing

Our Fan Management Strategy will grow your platforms and gain you a lot of exposure. It will save you a lot of time and effort. Try it for free today.
We use your account to follow 150-175 users a day. We only follow users that have over certain amout followers, have tracks uploaded or tweets completed, and active within the last 7 days.
We like tweets, posts, or favourite songs prior to following a user. Some of our platforms will send automatic direct messages to market your material or event. This increases followers, plays, engagements, revenue, and more

We unfollow any users that do not follow back within 3-5 days. We aim to keep your followers to following ratio even as we grow your platforms. 

Our conversion leads to 200-800 new followers a month, all targeted to Hip Hop. This is your campaign and we can tailor it to your needs. 
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Hip Hop Promo

We are dedicated to providing quality services to personnel in the Hip Hop & R&B Music Industry. Personnels including and not limited to: music artists, producers, audio engineers, managers, publishers, distributors, record labels, podcasts, and radio stations.

Our goal is exposure in the music industry.

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