As an artist, a great to gain exposure is through music blogs. Having a blogger write about your music, conduct an interview, song or album review can achieve you new fans, more material for your press kit, and can be great material for your social media marketing.

How A Blog Operates

To be honest, a lot of blogs will write about you and your music for a cost. Sometimes the price is worth the value you will get out of the blog post.

However, a good pitch and providing value to the blogger can lead to a discount or a free blog post.

What can you offer the website?
Do you have a strong following on social media?
Do you have an email campaign with a lot of subscribers?

Having a highly engaged followers list on your social media is an asset and can be used as a trade to a blogger. If you can bring traffic to their website than most likely a deal can be made. Blogs typically will use Google Ads or a similar sort of Advertisement funnel to gain revenue on impression and/or clicks. The same principle with an email campaign which would also drive traffic to their blog.

Research The Blog

Be sure you know the website you’re submitting music too. Sending a Hip Hop song to a Rock blog doesn’t make any sense.

Read some of the blog posts to get a feel for the writer and what style of Hip Hop the writer likes. If the blog writer reviews a Jay Z song 4/5 and a Lil Pump song 2/5, decide whether or not he or she will want your music. You know your style and influences best.

Also, take a look at the contact page or the about page on how to properly submit your music. Some websites have forms to fill out; some provide an email, and so on. In most cases, attaching an mp3 is not accepted so be conscious on the proper format for submitting.

Tell them why they should feature you

If you have an interesting background story, share it. If the background story is perfect for the writer, he or she will be interested.

Maybe there is a story on your album, that would interest the blogger.

Use the right structure:

• The first paragraph, introduce yourself and why you sent the email.
• The second paragraph, provide information on the track you are submitting. The story, the content, and so on.
• The Third paragraph, copy and paste your track URL with nothing else written.
• The fourth paragraph, provide the interesting story or why they should feature you.
• The fifth paragraph, thank them for the opportunity and let them know you read some their writing. Tell the blogger what you liked about it.
• The sixth paragraph, provide them with your social media links, and music platform links.

End with how they can contact you and your email signature.

A well-written submission can lead to significant opportunities and help build relationships. Keep in touch with the blogger, check out their material often, and like there posts on social media (if you like them)


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