You Are A Business You Offer Products & Services

As an artist thinking like a business is a very important trait to succeed in the music industry. Businesses offer products and services as do music artists. Think of a Record Label as an investor that wants to invest in your products and services, if they see value in it.


Your Music/Product

Quality does matter with your productions. Surely as an independent artist investing $50,000 in an LP is unrealistic. However, recording on a cell phone and playing a practising engineer will lead to a poor-quality production.

Investing in studio time with a reputable engineer will lead to a better-quality production and product. Do some research in your local city or town, make some calls, and create a budget for your next release.


Your Image/Marketable Brand:

Are you marketable? Just a few examples:

  • Are you good looking?
  • Are you charismatic?
  • An interesting backstory?
  • An established brand?

Take some time to write down what makes you marketable and work on how you can add to it/improve it. Having a marketable image or story/background will catch more eyes and ears from artists scouts.

Record Labels want to be able to put something out in the media about their new artists and show who they are when using their marketing campaigns.

An established brand is just as important. Finding a certain font and color scheme for your artist name for the digital designs you put out is what branding is all about. Take some time to create your brand and start marketing the designs on all social media platforms. Use the designs every chance you can get, like your social media banners.


Performing Live Shows/Touring

Having experience performing live shows is a service an artist provides. Starting out as a new artist, playing live shows for free is important. Gaining confidence on the stage, learning the logistics of performing a live show, and learning to interact with the audience.

Always perform your best regardless if there is an audience of 1 or 20,000.

Once you build a following in your local city/town and your name is selling tickets, you will get paid for performing.

Why is performing and attaining live shows important to Record Labels? Because there is a ton of money generated from touring. 

  • Ticket sales
  • Album sale
  • Merchandise sales
  • Streaming Revenue (A lot of people that are going to attend or after attending a concert will listen to the artist on platforms like Spotify, Google Play, Youtube, etc. These platforms are or can be monetized)


Social Media

Numbers play a role here but more important: how active, engaged, and real are your followers/fans?

Are you just blasting your music on social media every few hours, being annoying, or are you showing real personality and connecting with your followers? Minimal advertisement will lead you further than 100% blasting.

Record Labels view artist’s social media as an asset. There is real money to be made by a highly engaged audience through sales and revenue streaming.

Having a strong social media presence also means fewer money investments from a Record Label which in turn, can mean a better cash advance during contract negotiations.


Easy To Work With

What is your personality like? Are you hard to get along with?

Yes, if you are already generating a ton of money or if they can see past your bad personality Record Label’s will put up with it. But if you are just starting to get noticed and you walk in with a bad attitude, the label will not want to work with you.


Take Action

Get started and make an action plan on the above noted and start working like a business.


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